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Posted by on December 13, 2012

I’m proud to announce that a new book I was part of writing and editing has just been released:

Hack Your Body By Hacking Your Brain by Dick Talens

Achieve the physique of your dreams by making fitness as important as eating, sleeping, and sex

When it comes to fitness, most people fail. The very act of thinking about fitness as a New Years Resolution that you need to “go hard at” and “give it your all” is a recipe for failure.

In order to succeed at fitness, you have to make it as important to you as sleeping, eating, and sex. The reward for all three of those activities is obvious — can you make fitness that way?

This guide shows you how to treat fitness in the same way, so that it never has to be a New Years resolution again. Once you’ve achieved that, then it doesn’t matter if you’re working 80+ hours/week… you will find time and commitment to staying fit.

I was approached by Dick back in October to help him with this book. He had a concept and lots of material, but still lots of fleshing-out and science referencing left to do.

The story that may not be told was that the author got hit hard by hurricane Sandy, and lost his apartment in the disaster. Along with it went a lot of time for the book, and I wondered whether we would finish in time.

But Dick completely stepped up and pulled out some stunning material in a very short time — all while recovering from Hurricane Sandy and keeping his company, Fitocracy, running smoothly.

Compressed time always comes with a cost, however, and this project’s tithe was to the cover art gods, because this book has probably the worst ebook cover of all time.

Right now, the book is only being sold as part of a bundle of “New Year’s Resolution” themed ebooks at a rate of $88.

If you want to buy the bundle just to get one of the books, you can buy it through my affiliate link and I’ll refund you 50% of the cost of the bundle. OR you can tell me to donate that amount to a Hurricane Sandy relief effort (there is still a crapton of work left to do especially in poorer areas).

Also! There is a recipe of mine in this book, one that you won’t find on my recipe site, The Hardcore Chef. I’m not saying you should buy $88 worth of ebooks to get one recipe, but I am saying that it might be THAT AWESOME and you would never know. :D

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