Happy (carb nite) Birthday to Me

Posted by on September 27, 2012

Had myself a nifty keen birthday party for the first time in, oh, 3 years! (Key fact: my son is turning 2 in about a week.)

red velvet layer cake (cut)

why yes, I WILL eat a whole bunch of this.

Baked myself this mad, multi-layer red velvet cake with sweet vanilla icing. It was bigger than my dad’s head.

And you better believe I ate a LOT of it. It was my carb nite, after all, and I’d been eating under 30g of carbs for the previous 6 days, not to mention doing a LOT of rock climbing (yay!).

mad tea party 2012

oh and also a whole bunch of these.

I probably ate like 3000 calories just from carbs that day. But when you’re able to make stupidly-high carb meals work FOR you, there’s no reason to use words like “guilty pleasure”.

There’s nothing to make up for the next day. The carbs are part of the plan!

Wanna binge on birthday cake and lose fat anyway?

You can get the electronic version of the Carb Nite Solution here, and you can get a hard copy of the book from Amazon.com.

(Breastfeeding? Carb Nite is totally safe, keeps your energy levels high, and may actually increase the fat content of your milk. Read about my experience on Carb Nite while breastfeeding.)

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  • Crista

    Thanks for mentioning breastfeeding – I don’t have a child now but one of the things I’m conscious of is not wanting to take part in a “diet” for lack of a better term that would hurt my chances of conceiving or nursing my (future) child. Hope you had a FAB birthday!

    • nthmostfit

      Thanks! I most definitely did. Any day I get to wear my top hat all day is a good one.

      That’s an admirable aim. You’ll be interested in the Better Baby Book, created by my friend Dave Asprey. It’s coming out in January 2013.

      The Better Baby Book concerns itself with effecting epigenetic changes in both mother AND father that improve the chances of favorable pregnancy and childbirth outcomes. It’s pretty science-y stuff.

      • Crista

        ooooh I’d so love to read that – I’ll keep a lookout in January!

  • Antonio

    How much carbs can you eat on your carb nite? I mean, how many grams?
    Thanks a lot.

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