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Posted by on December 4, 2011

Today I went to my old gym over in Oakland, on account of having done some business there earlier in the day. I’m not going to name it here except that it includes a number and a time-keeping word in its name. Also I think I already said “24 Hr Fitness” in one of my tweets, so, whoops.

Anyway. WOW! I did not realize, back when in 2008 when I had a bad case of fuckarounditis, what a ghetto-ass gym it is. When I was there today, three out of four bathroom stalls in the ladies’ room were yucked-up in some way, several machines were broken, and there was not a single personal trainer out on the floor to help reorder all of the grossly misplaced dumbbells and plates.

But this is a rant not about 24Hr, but about a certain kind of meathead who treats the lift platform like his personal man-cave, and who turns the lift platform into some kind of gravity well as he drags every single plate in the gym over to his lair.


Don't know this meme? click the image, it's worth it.

I watched today as this one dude spent a full 90 minutes doing every possible barbell exercise known to man, using the ONLY deadlift platform in this whole ghetto-ass gym.

Meanwhile, everybody in the gym had to scramble as what few plates remained played musical chairs among the bar benches. I had to FIGHT for a pair of 2.5s I didn’t actually want, just to put a little more weight on my bench press. And the dude next to me was benching 65lbs because a pair of 10s were ALL HE COULD FIND.

It would have been comical had I not come into the gym that day specifically to deadlift.

Dude. Not cool.

This message brought to you by the Don’t Be That Guy Foundation.

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  • Benjamin Rosenzweig

    Did anybody try saying, “hey, mind if I get a set in?”

    • nthmostfit

      Haha, no, that would presuppose a reasonable gym environment. :)

      The guy was clearly used to being topp dawg in this particular gym, and while everyone was clearly put out by his behavior, nobody was prepared to confront him on it.

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