Proof that I Am Negatively Motivated

Posted by on August 7, 2011

I was reading this interview with bodybuilder Jamie “Chaos and Pain” Lewis, and he had this to say about getting ultra-lean (emphasis mine):

I think that keto dieting is essential to getting ultra lean, even if it’s simply short keto runs. Right now, I’m ascribing to a diet wherein I keto diet Monday-Thursday, moderate carb with high protein and low fat Friday, and then a 3 hour cheat window Friday night, moderate carbs, high protein, low fat on Saturday, and then same as Friday on Sunday. Cycling my macro nutrients that way helps me lean out and build muscle simultaneously.

Warren Willey is a big proponent of those cheat windows, and I swear by them – refeeds really will get you leaner.

Incidentally, I don’t give any nutrition advice to women. So my recommendation on carb cycling is just for guys. Especially refeeds.

MG: Why wont you deal with women?

Jamie: Women have a psychological attachment to food. Meaning no disrespect to women (for once in my life), I think they need a psychologist more than a nutritionist for dieting. Because I have no idea how to break that emotional attachment, and it alternately amuses and horrifies me, the refeeds derail their diets every fucking time. Thus, they’re either dieting, or they’re eating like shit. There’s no in between. I can’t be bothered to deal with that. (Laughs)

OK, so I will admit that there is some truth to what he’s saying: women do seem to have more of an emotional attachment to food than men do. (MORE of, not the black-and-white, on-or-off notion he’s proposing here.)

But you know what, buddy? Carb Nite is way fucking harder to stick with than what you’re peddling.

So I’m going to do things your way, right down to the day of the week, for 3 weeks, just to… just to SHOW you! Haha :)

I’ll start this diet tomorrow (Monday).

In the meantime, I should find some of my progress pics and post them up here on this website. I’ve had this blog too long to not have my snapshots up.

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